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If You’ve Got Cleaning Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

Don AslettEveryday, new faces walk through our door at Cleaning Center asking how to solve cleaning issues so they can make their homes a better, healthier place to live. The kinds of questions we receive range from carpet stain disasters, to flooded basements, to ‘can you believe what my 3-year old did!’ And it is extremely gratifying to provide the tried and true cleaning advice that our customers need. No matter what your cleaning challenge, you can count on us to give you the right answer and provide the best products to clean up that mess and bring order back to your home.

There are so many great questions, it would be impossible to list them all here. So we gathered the top 15 most common cleaning challenges our customers face and put our heads together to bring you the very best advice to solve them once and for all. Click here to see the wide range of “Ask The Pros” questions we selected along with our best answers and product recommendations. And since the number one question we hear concerns ‘hard water spots’, we’ve put our two best selling hard water cleaners on sale at the absolute lowest prices of the year.

Don Aslett

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