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We’re Celebrating 30 Years at Cleaning Center!
"The times may have changed...but the benefits of regular cleaning have not!"

Don Aslett – 30 Years of Successful Cleaning ServicesWith the advances in cleaning technology over the last 30 years, now more than ever we have the knowledge and products to clean our homes better, faster and for less money. But to the contrary, with so little time and so much to do in our busy lives, regular home cleaning and maintenance continue to fall further down the list of priorities – especially for our younger generations.

I’ve been called America’s #1 Cleaning Expert and I am here to tell you, the times have changed, but the need to maintain a clean and healthy home, free of germs, allergens, illness and clutter never will. Let’s not lose sight of what’s most important for a happy, healthy home and family. Pass this message on – help reestablish the priority of regular cleaning and home care to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Revive that commitment in our future generations and all our lives will continue to improve.

Happy Cleaning,

Don Aslett


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